100 Things to do in Philly + Events + Philadelphia Deals & more!

Let us brand your company! reaches more than 100,000+ Philadelphia residents every week and is one of the largest email and social networking marketing companies in Philadelphia.

We currently work with dozens of Philadelphia businesses to assist in them in their branding process.

Branding is what makes your business unique. Branding sets your business apart from your competitors.

Our team of social networkers, designers, and branding specialisits will work with you to develop a value proposition that reflects your business's personality and story.

We are very upfront about our prices. Why? Because we are worth every penny, guarantee return and thrive because we believe in transparency.

Review our list of services below and give us a spin for free! 

Advertise for FREE!

  1. Post your Philly Event! (Add your event
    All approved events are instantly sent to our 1000's of followers! 
  2. Tweet us @Phillytodo , We give away a few tweets each day! Make sure you tweet about an amazing Philly event or To-Do.

Single Tweet ($70-$100 per tweet)

Do you have an Event or "To-Do" that you want to share with Philly? 

We get great results through our twitter marketing system. If you create a quality message that is up to 140 characters, we will send it out on our twitter feed to 1000's of Philadelphians. Also, we will give you a Facebook post for FREE with each tweet!


ECHO social package ($500/month)

You write it, we'll echo it!

Compose your tweet, add @phillytodo, and we'll guarantee a retweet to our 14,000+ followers + our 1000's on Facebook.

  • 12 retweets a month
  • Free repost to Facebook
  • Unlimited event posting on
  • Business profile on
  • Client/Partner Link

Full Social Networking Package ($1000-3000/month)

This is our fantasy package! Have you dreamed of handing over all of your social networking responsibilities to a branding professional? Well, this package is for you!

Social Networking Package:

  • 3 visits per week by our social networking specialist
  • one time brand consultation (build value story)
  • Amazing updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

This Package also includes the Echo Package:

  • Unlimited posting of Philly Events
  • 3 guaranteed retweets a week (free Facebook)
  • Profile on
  • Client/Partner Link


Email Marketing (Sold out)

To prove the power of our Philadelphia network, we will put you on our "Email to Philadelphia" for FREE!
Make sure that you have a Google analytics for your site. We will rack up some serious numbers for you!

  • Test email: $0 (we will knock your socks off with this one!)
  • 1 email: $3500
  • 4 emails (one month straight): $10,800
  • 3 straight months: $38,400
  • 6 straight months: $52,800


Banner Ads (Sold out)
We will supply all of our clients with a very detailed description of our analytics and demographic information.

  • Top banner(this banner gets nearly 10x the clicks)
    • 160 x 160 banner : $1500 per month
    • 160 x 320 banner : $2000 per month
    • Save 30% with a 6 month commitment
  • Regular banner
    • 160 x 160 banner : $500 per month
    • 160 x 320 banner : $1000 per month
    • Save 30% with a 6 month commitment


The PhillyToDo App is here!

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