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Recent Excursions in Mexico (well, with mexican food).

For whatever reason, I am not 100% sure why, I have been bitten by the ol' Mexican food bug. I can't get enough of it at the moment. Now, mind you, there is a huge difference between really good Mexican food and even above average Mexican food. Much like the difference between college and professional football.

But, when it's done right, it's hard to beat. I love Thai food, Italian, German, BBQ, everything. But a good Mexican meal can make you realize the power of simplicity…


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Summer Block Party at The Piazza

For the last few summers, The Piazza in Northern Liberties has treated us to a slew of free concerts located in the acoustically majestic "courtyard" that sits in the middle of the complex. If you are unfamiliar with the term "acoustically" or "acoustics", it just means that the sound is great in there. It bounces off of the encompassing walls and funnels straight into your cochlea (the sound receptors in your ears) with perfectly balanced amounts of treble and bass.

Anyway, since…


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East Passyunk Ave is a Top 10 Foodie Street in U.S.

In a recent article published by Food & Wine magazine, our very own and very inspiring East Passyunk Ave was named a "Top Ten Foodie Street" in the entire country. Now, to me, that is saying a lot, considering the ubiquitous culinary revolution taking place, reaching everywhere from major metropolitan areas to the nooks and crannies that make up this vast land that it the U.S. Of all of these up-and-coming food-crazed "communities" (for lack of a better word), they chose our…


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New Dilworth Plaza

If you're a fan of this city, as I am sure most of you are, you'll love this video about Dilworth Plaza. The mini-documentary takes you through the design history and civil progression of this highly debated piece of land. 

If Dilworth looks and functions as well as the video eludes to, it stands to become a social and recreational focal point of Center City…


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Cinedelphia Bringing Hollywood to Philly, Kind of, Not Really

If you're a movie junkie like myself, and take pride in being from Philadelphia like myself, and enjoy things that combine the two like myself, you'll dig this website:

It's a hub for any and everything film-related in Philadelphia. One can find screenings at familiar venues that you wouldn't think to visit for a movie (Goon at the Troc), watch interviews with…


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Quick Bite in Center City

If you ever find yourself wondering around Center City during the day, maybe on a break from work or on your day off, and you want a quick bite to eat, check out Grocery at 13th and Chestnut. It's a pleasantly surprising little shop on the corner, serving everything from fresh-made salmon burgers and turkey empanadas to lovely home made soups that are changed daily. Tip: you can also get two freshly made pieces of…


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Happy Hour of the Day! 3/24/13

Lookin' for something to wash down the ol' morning after whiskey taste in your mouth? Check out Snockey's Oyster and Crab House.

Today, and every Sunday, enjoy these specials from 2-4PM:

$0.60 Raw & Steamed clams, $0.83 Raw & Fried Oysters, $1.99 Domestic Pints, $2.50 Domestic Bottles, $3.99 Clam Mary's, $5.99 Crab Fries.

Even if your eyes can't look at another glass of beer or your nose can't handle the next whiff of tequila, you can do…


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Happy Hour of the Day! 3/22/13

Light, moderate and heavy drinkers alike! Assemble yourselves for god's sake, it's Friday! 

Here is my daily happy hour recommendation, straight from my liver: Oyster House - 5PM-7PM: $3 Oyster Shooters (Mixed Drink w. an Oyster). $1 Oysters. $3 Kenzingers (Munich Helles Lager)

The lobster roll…


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